How to Check your Data Usage

This step by step guide will assist you in keeping track of the amount of data/bandwidth you have used on your dedicated server.
This is important to ensure you don't go over your allocated allowances.

Step 1:
Log into your billing account with us

Step 2:
Navigate to your product on our billing site

Step 3:
You will be presented with the main page (where you can manage the service).
On this page you can see a quick overview of your current usage.

Step 4:
You can click 'View Graph' in order to see a better overview of when you've used data.

If you are getting close to your allowance, please ensure you contact us so that we can organiseĀ a new data pack for you.
Our system will automatically email you when your data usage reached 90%. If you reach 100%, the service will automatically suspend.

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