How to add sub users

The following basic guide will show you how to setup sub users on your game panel account.
This is useful, as you can provide granular permissions to your admins. No more giving out the main account!

Step 1:
Login to our game panel.

Step 2:
Click 'Sub Users' located under 'User Management'

Step 3:
Click 'New' to create the sub user

Step 4a:
Enter the username and password you wish to set for this sub user

Step 4b:
Add the user's details to the 'profile' area

Step 4c:
Set the granular permissions of the sub user under the 'Game/Voice Service Permissions' section
Note: You need to tick "User has access to this service", else they will not be able to see it

Step 5:
Save your sub user, and send them the details to login.
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