List of Common Mistakes with SA-MP Servers

List of Common Mistakes and Issues with SA-MP Servers

Issue: “Server crashes before it fully boots up”

Solution: Servers might crash due to Gamemode, Extensions and Syntax errors which can be found both in your configurations and the uncompiled version of your Gamemode.

We suggest that you check your Web Console or your server_log.txt using our File Manager in order see the error that’s crashing your server and then try and fix it or reach out to us to check it out.

The most common mistake is missing the “changeme” value on your RCON (This will cause your server to crash until you change it)

“Server boots up but the Gamemode isn’t working”

Solution: This usually happens when your Gamemode, your Filterscripts or your Extensions are either incompatible or not loading properly which might be needed by one of the aforementioned items. (ie: Your server might not fully load if your Gamemode has MySQL and you haven’t installed the necessary includes)

“Server boots up but it’s not showing in the Server List under Hosted

Solution: Hosted Servers require a monthly license which can be purchased from (Or any other provider, be careful when looking for this.)

Issue: “Server boots up but it’s not showing in the Server List”

Solution: Open your server.cfg and make sure that it says “announce 1” in order to announce your server to the server list and make it public to the players querying it.

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