Linux - Expanding Disk Space after performing VPS upgrade

Expanding Disk Space after performing VPS upgrade

If you have ordered a VPS upgrade then you will need to manually expand your disk drive.
The following tutorial is for our Linux VPS range.
NOTE: Streamline-Server will not be held accountable for any loss of data during this procedure.

1. Change the boot order to boot from the CDROM first:

2. Now mount the 'Gparted' iso by clicking the Pencil icon beside "ISO":

3. Restart your VPS:

4. Click noVNC Console and click 'HTML5 Viewer'. Hit your keyboard key ENTER on the first option:

5. Keep pressing ENTER on the next options, keeping them all default:

6. Your console should now look like the below:

First you must move your swap. Click on 'linux-swap' and select "Resize/Move". Then, enter "0" in last box "Free space following (MiB)". It will then automatically update the other values.

Now select the partition you want to enlarge and click "Resize/Move". In this case it should be 'ext4'. Increase the partition using the arrow next to the free space until you get the desired size.

Now hit the 'Apply' button once you are happy with the partition layout:

All done! Now shutdown your VPS again, unmount the 'Gparted' iso and change the boot back to "Hard drive" first.
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