VPS - SMTP Verification

Within this knowledgebase, you will learn what is required to verify for SMTP on VPS servers.

When ordering the outbound email add-on, there is a verification process that you most go through to have the add-on correctly activated.


Step 1:

You must take a selfie holding up a photo ID (Passport or Driver’s license) and a piece of paper clearly written with the following:
"Streamline-Servers SMTP Verification - <Write date photo is being taken>"

Avoid Wearing Hats, use enough lighting, no filers and the photo ID must be clearly readable.
(Passport ID or other sensitive information may be redacted from the photo ID)

You must send through a recent bill (Phone, bank etc) with the billing address and name matching that which you signed up with.

Step 2:

Open a ticket with the subject "SMTP verification", under VPS support and pick the service the verification is relevant to. Attach the relevant verification files created in Step 1.

Once this verification has been completed, and ONLY if it is satisfactory, outbound emails will be allowed.


If you find this process too difficult, it is recommended you use Mailgun, Mailjet or Sendgrid.

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