How to reinstall an OS

Within this knowledgebase, you’ll learn how to reinstall an OS, or install a different OS, on your Dedicated or Virtual server hosted through Streamline Servers.

Step 1:
The first thing you’ll want to do, is log into your billing account, and go onto your “My Products & Services” tab (Located here)

Step 2:
Once on that tab, simply select your VPS or Dedicated Server, and you should see something like the following

Step 3:
On the left, there is a tab labelled “Actions”, this is a simple dropdown box in which you can start, reboot and stop the VPS. However, within this knowledgebase, we’ll be doing it through the VPS Portal. So simply press on the “Enduser Panel” under the Virtualizor column.

Step 4:
Once on this panel, you’ll need to select your Dedicated Server/VPS. It should look something like so:

Simply press on the little arrow located on the far right

This will take you to your Dedicated Server/VPS page.

Step 5:
Once on this page, you’ll want to press the section that’s labelled “Install”, and an OS menu will open up.

Step 6:
Within this menu, you select the OS you’d like to run, input your new password, and press on “Reinstall”, this will reinstall the entire machine and your machine will now be operating with your chosen OS.

If you have any issues with this knowledgebase, please reach out to support for further assistance.

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