How to Upload your own RWG world

It is recommended to create your RWG world using your 7 Days to Die client and upload it to the server using FTP.

Please see these articles on how to use FTP to upload/download files in bulk:

What is FTP?
How to use the Game Panel FTP?

1. Create an RWG world using your client

2. Locate the generated world folder; it is most likely located in


3. Upload the generated world folder from your PC to your server in Data\GeneratedWorlds directory

4. Go to the Game Panel Configuration Files and edit SLserverconfig.xml

5. Look for the parameter below:

<property name="GameWorld"               value="Navezgane"/>

and change the value to the name of the generated world.

Note: The WorldGenSize should also match to your uploaded RWG world.

6. Save the file and start the server

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to lodge a support ticket.

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