Rising World Admin Commands

The following is a list of admin commands in game, please remember you need to be an admin to execute these commands.

Command Description
setspawn Changes the spawn position to the current position
goto #spawn Teleports you to the spawn
kick *Playername* Kicks a player
tod 0-23 Changes the time (useful to change to day, when it's night and you can't see much)
makeadmin *Playername* Gives another player admin status
wireframe Set wireframe mode on/ off
F2 Press F2 to fly in game
item <itemnam> # Used to give yourself items, for example “item treelog 32″ gives you 32 tree logs.
mark saves the current location
object <objectname> # Used to give yourself objects
setgametype # (0 or 1) 1 = semi-creative, 0 = default
setinventory sets current inventory as default

To spawn blocks, you can use this schema: "item" *item name* *number of blocks* [*variation* if you want]
E.g. to get 64 blocks of wood: "item lumber 64" 

However, these commands only work for blocks. To spawn finished ojects, you have to use the "object" command. 
E.g. to get a workbench, you write "object workbench"
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