How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication

The following basic guide will show you how to setup 2 factor authentication on your TCadmin account.

Step 1:
Install Google Authenticator on your smartphone. You may use other OTP software or hardware.

Step 2:
Log in to TCAdmin.

Step 3:
Select "Account Security" from the menu options.

Step 4:
Select the "Two-Step Verification" tab.

Step 5: 
Check "Enable two-step verification"

Step 6: 
If you want to enable two-step for FTP access check "Enable two-step verification for FTP connections". If you enable this option configure your FTP client to send the password in the following format: 

Step 7:
Type the verification key in Google Authenticator or other software/hardware. If your software has scanning capabilities you can scan the QR-code.

Step 8:
Generate a token and type it in the "Generated Token" field.

Step 9:
Click on Save.

Note: If you lose access due to the key please place in a support ticket
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