How to add yourself as 'Master' (Admin)

This guide will show you how to add yourself as the Ts3 Bot Master or Admin

Step 1:
Log into your TeamSpeak server (ensure you are an admin / have permissions)

Step 2:
Click 'Permissions' -> 'List All Clients'

Step 3:
Search for your Nickname in the provided box

Step 4:
Right click and copy your 'Unique Identifier' we will need this for the next step

Step 5:
Log into your TS3Query account (sent to you by email / ticket)

Step 6: 
Click 'Edit Bot' (the small wrench)

Step 7:
Click 'General Settings'

Step 8:
You will now see a lot of different options you can change on your bot.
The one we are looking for is "A comma seperated list of unique user ids"

Simply place your copied Unique ID into this text box and click "Save" at the bottom of the page

Step 9:
Reload the bot to make the changes go through
This will show up in the middle of the screen (simply click it)

You will now be the bots master on the server!
Use the commands in the server
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