Unturned Admin Commands

How do I use Admin Commands in Unturned?
Here's how you can use them!

This guide has been designed for use with Streamline Servers Limited Unturned game panel.
However anyone can use the commands in game!

Follow this guide for access on Streamline Servers

Admin Admin [SteamID | Player] Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat.
Admins Admins Shows a list of the current admins.
Airdrop Airdrop This forces a dropship to fly over and perform an airdrop.
Ban Ban [SteamID | Player]/[Reason]/[Duration] Bans the specified player for a specified reason (optional) and duration (optional). Default is one year, or 31,536,000 seconds as shown in console. Users attempting to connect to the server will see the remaining seconds and reason for the ban.
Bans Bans Shows a list of the current bans.
Bind Bind [IP] Binds a specific internal IP to the socket.
Chatrate Chatrate [Number] Assigns a minimum time between chat messages to prevent spamming.
Cheats Cheats [Enable | Disable] Allows your server to access certain commands, such as Give, and can only be used in the server's commands.dat file.
Cycle Cycle [Number] Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.
Day Day Assigns the current time to day.
Debug Debug Provides information on the state of the server.
Experience Experience [SteamID | Player]/[Experience] Gives a specified player experience.
Filter Filter Filters out players with non-English-alphanumeric names.
Flag Flag [SteamID | Player]/[Flag]/[Value] Sets a player's flag.
Give Give [SteamID | Player]/[ItemID]/Amount Gives the specified player an item.
Gold Gold Restricts the server to only allow Gold players.
Help Help [Command] Provides information on the specified command.
Hide_Admins Hide_Admins Admins will appear as if they are normal players.

Also allows the recording of cinematic footage without the admin labels visible to players.

Kick Kick [SteamID | Player]/[Reason] Disconnects the specified player from the server.
Kill Kill [SteamID | Player] Kills the specified player in-game.
Loadout Loadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/... Gives players each item when spawning. Using a skillset ID of 255 gives the item to everyone.

Can only be used in a server console or the server's Commands.dat file. SkillsetIDs are from 0-10 in the same order as displayed when editing a survivor. 255 = All Skillsets.

Log Log [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death] Enables logging Chat/Join/Leave/Death messages. Each parameter can only be Y or N. (eg. log y/y/y will log all chat, connections and death messages.)
Map Map [Level] Sets the map that the server loads on startup.
MaxPlayers MaxPlayers [Number] Sets the maximum number of connections the server is willing to accept.
Mode Mode [Easy | Normal | Hard] Assigns the difficulty of the server.
Name Name [Text] Assigns the name of the server on the server list.
Night Night Assigns the current time to night.
Owner Owner [SteamID] Gives admin rights to the steamid. Must be placed in the server's Commands.dat
Password Password [Text] Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server.
Permit Permit [SteamID]/[Tag] Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to join the server.

(e.g. 76561198267201306/SDGNelson)

Permits Permits Shows a list of the current players allowed to join the server.
Perspective Perspective [First | Third | Both] Assigns the perspective of the server.
Players Players Shows a list of the current player on the server.
Port Port [Number] Assigns the port of the server. Port + 1 and port + 2 are also used, so remember to open them on the router as well.
PvE PvE Disables player versus player combat in favor of player versus environment.
Queue_Size Queue_Size [Number] Sets the maximum number of queued connections the server is willing to hold on to.
Reputation Reputation [SteamID | Player]/[Reputation] Gives a player some reputation.
ResetConfig ResetConfig Resets the config.dat file to the default values.
Save Save Forces a proper save of the server state.
Say Say [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B] Broadcasts a message to all of the connected clients.
Shutdown Shutdown [Delay] Properly saves the server state, disconnects the clients and closes the server.
Slay Slay [SteamID | Player] Kills the specified player in-game and bans them for 31,536,000 seconds (one year).
Spy Spy [SteamID | Player] Requests a screenshot from the target player and saves it on the caller's computer as Spy.jpg.
Storm Storm Toggles rain.
Sync Sync Allows players to share savedata between your servers.
Teleport Teleport [SteamID | Player]/[SteamID | Player | Location] Teleports the first player to the second or a location.
Time Time [Number] Assigns the current time in seconds of the day/night cycle.
Timeout Timeout [Number] Assigns a maximum ping threshold to the server before a client is kicked.
Unadmin Unadmin [SteamID | Player] Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat.
Unban Unban [SteamID] Removes the specified player from the list of users not allowed to join the server.
Unpermit Unpermit [SteamID] Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to join the server.
Vehicle Vehicle [SteamID | Player]/[VehicleID] Gives the specified player a vehicle.
Votify Votify [Vote Allowed Y|N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Vote Percentage]/[Required Players] Sets up voting. Pass/fail cooldown specifies the amount of time that players must wait after a successful/failed vote before initiating another vote. Vote duration specifies the amount of time for each vote to remain active. Vote percentage indicates the percentage of "yes" votes required for a successful vote and must be expressed in decimals (e.g., 0.6 for 60%). Required players specifies the minimum number of connected players in order to initiate a vote.
Welcome Welcome [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B] Sets a chat box welcome message shown to clients when connected to the server.
Whitelisted Whitelisted This makes only permitted players allowed to join the server.

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